Hi Everyone!  My name is Emily Mather and I am a Suzuki Enthusiast.

I've named my Blog 'Suzuki Sparkle', because anyone who knows me knows I love sparkles and glitter.  Most of my teaching toys and props have glitter on them, I always carry a tumbler with Purple glitter on it, and I seek out glitter all. the. time.

But more importantly, I believe that Suzuki is about sparkle and glitter.  Its about making the students eyes sparkle when they accomplish something for the first time.  Its about making the hearts in your teaching room sparkle with glitter by the time they leave the lesson.  Its about leaving glitter wherever you go, teach, or are, so that the magic always is working.  As Pablo Casals so famously said, "Perhaps it is music that will change the world." and he is right.  

Here, I will share my thoughts on teaching, my tips and tricks, my successes as a teacher and my failures.  I want this to be a resource for teachers and parents to better understand the method of Suzuki and what it truly entails; proper instruction, vision to the future violinist they will become, and in my opinion, sparkle.


emily mather