Below are videos from the WSSTE Suzuki School, as well as videos of Emily playing solo.


Wsste- Allegro!!!

Allegro!!! is one of our Performing Ensembles at WSSTE.  In Allegro, the kids use movement, dance, contemporary and fiddle styles of music, lighting, and drums to make a unique and creative performing experience.  In Allegro, the kids learn how to truly perform in their own bodies as musicians, learn to push the limits of their playing to new levels, and unique ensemble playing.  Under the Direction of Edward Kreitman, and Choreographer Jennifer Mather, Allegro has traveled as far as Puerto Rico on tour, and played benefit concerts for communities all around the United States.  Allegro is mostly for our middle school-aged Suzuki Child, and incorporates a wonderful sense of community to keep the children engaged and motivated with the violin.

WSSTE - School Overview

This video gives an overview of the WSSTE Suzuki School.  Watch the video to learn more about our school, about the Suzuki Method, and to see a large variety of musicians from our school.

WSSTE- Chicago Consort

The Chicago Consort is WSSTE's most advanced performing Ensemble.  The students are mostly in High School, and out of the Suzuki Repertoire by this point.  All the students in this group are performing standard Concerto/Sonata/Etude repertoire.  Led by Thomas Wermuth, the schools Advanced Artistry Teacher, they have traveled all around the world; China, Peru, Cuba, Spain, Germany, Prague, and more.  Chicago Consort explores styles ranging from Classical to Contemporary.  In the video above, the Chicago Consort is Performing "Jealousy" by J. Gade arranged by our very own Thomas Wermuth.

Emily Mather- 'Sonatensatz' by Brahms

This piece is a Scherzo movement by Johannes Brahms from the FAE Sonata.  This was performed at Emily Mather's Master of Music Recital at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Mixon Hall.  

Emily Mather- Sonata No. 1 in D Major for Violin and Piano by Beethoven

This piece is a Sonata for Violin and Piano by Ludwig van Beethoven.  This was performed at Emily's Master of Music Recital in Mixon Hall at the Cleveland Institute of Music.  There are 3 movements.  The 2nd movement begins at 6:46, and the 3rd movement begins at 14:48.

Emily Mather- 'Song without Words' by Mendelssohn

This piece is a short 'song without words' melody by Felix Mendelssohn; a piece written just for beautiful, singing melodies.  This was performed at Emily's Master of Music Recital at the Cleveland Institute of Music in Mixon Hall.